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December 18 2012

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December 15 2012

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August 25 2012

@racism: I decided that a soup to collect racist posts is a bad idea, because people who are affected by them/people who are against racism don't want to see these all the time and people who like racist jokes can come to this soup and repost from here (it has happend with one of my posts to @kackscheisse lately). The idea of using a group for calling out racism doesn't work if we don't comment on the racism. I deleted many of the posts in this soup now. It still feels awful to see racist posts anywhere else on soup. What I want to have is a group that challenges racism. I think we should change our name to anti-racism or something along those lines and start speaking up instead of reposting silently. What do you think?

April 06 2012

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EU enlargement commercial (produced by the European Union February 2012)

September 28 2011

Irmela Mensah-Schramm, 65 years old, an heroine with no muscles nor super powers, armed with a paint spray, and a scraper, daily hunting throughout Germany looking for racist or homophobic graffiti or stickers. Indifference is her worst enemy, and to those who minimize, she answers: "People who draw a one meter swastika on a wall have to realize what they are doing."
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August 18 2011

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August 14 2011

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July 30 2011

anti-racism: you're doing it wrong.
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